Terms of Use


Great Graphics Terms of Use
Once downloaded no refunds will be given. Zipfiles may not work if you download on a phone, or some other mobile devices. We can not be responsible for downloads made to devices that graphics can't be extracted or used on.

All images may be used for personal or SMALL commercial use.

AT NO TIME may you claim any or part of Great Graphics backgrounds or clip art to be your own. You may not incorporate our designs into anything and then claim copyright to that design.
By purchasing our graphics you agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions and the purchase of our products does not in any way transfer ownership of the copyright of any design. All copyrights, title, interest, and intellectual property rights are retained by Great Graphics. All rights reserved. 

If you are found to be using any Great Graphics designs without purchasing them yourself, you are violating our terms of use and liable for copyright infringement. Graphics must be purchased by the individual that intends to use them and not by any agent, assistant or affiliate buyer.

No image may be extracted from background sheets and used as a stand-a-lone image-I have clip art that matches most of my graphic backgrounds or can make a custom clip art if needed. If images are extracted and used as clip art- this is a violation of my TOU.

SMALL COMMERCIAL use as defined by Great Graphics is the following:

Great Graphics backgrounds and clip art may be used in creating digital invitations, party decorations, cards, stationery and other items that are sold BY YOU directly to a customer with the exception of anything created out of fabric. Our graphics are not to be used for you to create items to be wholesaled to retail stores or wholesaled in larger quantites on the internet or any other means. NO MASS production of any kind is allowed


All Great Graphics backgrounds and clip art MUST BE used as only PART of a design and not solely the design itself.

Great Graphics digital images ARE NOT TO BE USED in any of the following ways:

***AS IS- all backgrounds and clip art MUST be incorporated into another design created by you. Graphics may not be resold AS IS, either digitally, printed or incorporated into any sort of digital or printed collage sheet, bottle cap or digital or printed scrabble tile sheets. You may not sell or redistribute our backgrounds or clip art as a digital file, or resell as digital clip art or in any digital clip art collection either digital, printed or on a CD or DVD.
Graphics may not be used as is or incorporated into any design to be used on fabrics or to create patterns to be printed on fabrics even finished items such as pillows, bedding, towels, umbrellas, shower curtains, bags, totes, cosmetic bags, etc... 

***NO CLIP ART - you may not use Great Graphics backgrounds or clip art "as is" or modified (color changes, etc), to sell on any clip art site, graphics site which sells illustrations, vector images, or stock images in digital or printed form. They may NOT be sold as digital or printed clip art for scrapbooking paper, either digital or printed. Images may not be sold in scrapbooking sets or kits, either digital or printed.
***NO PRINTS OR REPRODUCTIONS- You may not use any of our backgrounds or clip art to be sold as prints, even if incorporated into another design. This is my original artwork and this usage of my graphics is STRICTLY PROHIBITED in digital or printed form.

***UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES- are Great Graphics backgrounds or clip art to be reproduced or copied in any way and sold "as is" or incorporated into a design and sold or copyrighted as YOUR artwork. 
***NO PRINTING on fabric either for sale by the yard or sublimated to be used on fabric items such as clothing, pillows, bedding, towels, shower curtains, bags of any kind, rugs, no fabric printing of any kind is allowed. No wallpaper or gift wrap or anything produced for sale by the yard may be created using our designs.
***NO STAMPS OR SCRAPBOOKING PRODUCTS- Great Graphics images may not be sold as scrapbooking products or stamps, either digital or rubber stamps.
***NO EMBROIDERY PATTERNS or embroidery designs that do not include other graphic elements


***NO FREEBIES-our graphics are not to be used for give-aways, included in any free distribution of any kind.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES -may you claim any GREAT GRAPHICS images or artwork as your own.



*digital or printed invitations
*digital or printed cards
*digital or printed party decorations including but not limited to- banners, cupcake
                wrappers, cupcake toppers, favor tags, favor boxes, water bottle labels
*digital or printed personalized address stickers
*digital or printed gift tags
*digital or printed luggage tags
*digital or printed stationery
*digital or printed personal enclosure cards or business cards
*digital or printed heat transfers
*digital embroidery as long as it is "part" of the design, not "as is"
*handmade jewelry, scrabble pendants, magnets, bottle cap pendants
*t-shirts, personalized pillowcases (not pillows) 
*lunch boxes, cups, platters, cutting boards, etc...


If you have questions about something not included under these terms and
conditions, please contact us. Terms and Conditions are subject to changes at any time without notice. Please check for updated changes. By purchasing Great Graphics digital products you agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions for usage and any violation of these will be subject to copyright infringement and legal action.

If at any time we think that our graphics are being used without having been purchased directly from Great Graphics, we reserve the right to seek proof of purchase by email verification or  invoice number. If these cannot be provided and you cannot prove that you purchased the right to use our graphics, we can and will proceed with legal action.

 Thank you for taking the time to read our Terms and Conditions. If anything is unclear or you need further explanation, please feel free to contact me.

All graphics and images are the sole and exclusive property of Great Graphics.
All rights reserved.